I hope to share with you here some important articles and books that have shaped how I think about social change.

In the meantime, I’d also like to let you know about some amazing training programs I’ve gone through!

Jewish Organizing Institute and Network– This year-long fellowship introduced me to community organizing and completely changed the way I view the world.  The Jewish Organizing Fellowship is a professional development opportunity for Jewish young adults (21-30) to become full-time community organizers for social justice organizations, explore their Jewish identity together, and grow as leaders in pursuit of social justice.

Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Marshall Ganz: People, Power, and Change–  I had the opportunity to be a Community Fellow for one semester at the Harvard Kennedy School, and studied under Marshall Ganz about organizing theory and strategy.

New Leaders Council– New Leaders Council (NLC) is a 501(c)(3) that works to recruit, train and promote the progressive political entrepreneurs of tomorrow — trendsetters, elected officials and civically-engaged leaders in business and industry who will shape the future landscape.  This fellowship gave me a sort of catch-all of the “ins and outs” of the deep political world.

For those of you in the Boston area, the Boston Interpreter’s Collective offers a 2-day workshop on multi-lingual justice, which is so much more than a training on simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.  I highly recommend doing this workshop!  And for the record, they’re an incredible resource in general for folks interested in supporting grassroots organizations through interpretation (and the organizations that need that support).